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Aluminium awning windows & knowledge

There are more interesting information of aluminum awning windows to enrich your life.

top hinged windows

Aluminium awning windows – introduction

Aluminium awning windows are hinged at the top and swing outward from the bottom,with an easy to reach handle,
awning window is very easy to close and open.
Aluminium awning windows is also refered to hung window,top-hung window, hopper window,top hinged window,
outswing window,out opening window, outward window ect.
It is often used in combination with fixed windows or other window styles which can meet the requirements for large
wall openings and avoide the problems caused by oversize windows.



Awning window is often used in combination with fixed windows or other window styles which can meet the requirements for large wall openings and avoide the problems caused by oversize windows. Awning window is similar to casement window, just casement window is hinged at side, while awning window is hinged at top. And awning window has the same opening direction as Skylight window which is widely used on roof.

One leaf awning window Two leaf awning window Three leaf awning window Four leaf (or xx leaf) awning window
One panel awning window Two panel awning window Three panel awning window Four panel (or xx panel) awning window
One panel
awning window
Awning window
with fixed window
Awning window
with two panel
fixed window
Awning window
with more fixed window
One panel
awning window
Awning window
with fixed window
Awning window with
two pane fixed window
Awning window with more pane fixed window


Awning window can provide good ventilation even during rainy days. If the awning window is equiped with storm shield glass,it can still allow some air come inside the house with a slight opening angle. So awning window is an good option for places where always need good ventilation, like bedroom,bathroom,office ect.

aluminium awning windows

Section drawing

You can know more about our products through section drawing, there will be a detailed description.

Sealing strip:

All of the sealing strip is of EPDM material,it has good flexibility and weather rsistance,and it can be applied in a wide temperature range enviroments.
From the section drawing we can see that the connection between seal and seal,seal and frame is very tight which is achieve good airtightness and waterproof function.

Insulation strip:

German Technoform Bautec insulation strips can provide good sound and heat insulation,it greatly improves the energy performance of window and door.
The insulation strip position in the awning window is designed with precise construction by engineer.

Design feature:

In the Awning window section profile,the designer uses a multistep design to solve the rain permeation.Sealing strip is applied almost everywhere around the window, its tight connection with profile makes the window come with great airtightness, and with thermally brokern insulation strip application,the awning window can help reduce the family energy comsumption.

Find out the detailed section drawing.

Section drawing


There are 3 types of awning window handle for option.

As we all know,hardware is one of the key important of window and door,it connects the window and door structure.And the quality of hardware can affect the window and door performance,good quality hardware and properly installation affect the airtightness and waterproof.Hardware can also provide security and burglarproof function.Quality hardware for Awning window can improve the window stability and protect the house safety.

Regular handle:

The regular handle is very popular around the world.It’s easy to push and pull back and the window can be locked with a turn of handle.The hinge in Awning window is the main part to support the window opening,the window opening degree depends on how far to open the hinge,quality hinge can make sure the window can be fixed at a positon.The simple design of handle and hinge makes them very popular among clients.

American style crank operator:

Crank awning window operator is similar to chainwider in operation,the difference is that they have different structure. The crank operator has great advantage in the application of Casement window,we will give more introduction in Casement window page.

Australia style chainwinder handle:

With a single or twin stainless steel chain,chainwinder can adjust the window opening according to chain extension ,and the window can be locked with a keylock installed on chainwider.


Glass plays an important role, its function for sound and heat insulation is as important as Aluminum profile.
Glass can be made in different layers for different purpose, like single glazing, double glazing and triple glazing,higher layers glass has better sound and heat insulation.
Glass is the eye of a window and door, we can have a clear view of outside through glass.

Here are the glass options with different function:

Toughened glass
is made from annealed glass treated with a thermal tempering process which increases its mechanical resistance to breakage.When toughened glass breaks,it will fall into small fragments instead of long large and sharp pieces.Single toughened glass or double toughened glass are quite popular,sometimes even triple toughened glass is required for better sound insulation.

Tinted glass
is treated with a layer of film or coating that can reduces the transmission of light through it.With different film colors,like light grey,dark grey,or bronze which can affect the glazing color and can provide privacy for home owners.For higher energy efficient performance,dual pane tinted glazing with argon gas is a popular configuration applied in windows and doors.

Low E glass
has a microscopically thin, transparent coating that reflects long-wave infrared energy (or heat). This layer of coating can also minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted.And the coating won’t be scratched off becuase it is applied to the inside of the glass.

Laminated glass
is made of two layers of toughened glass with one”interlayers” of polymeric material bonded between the glass layers.The advantage of laminated glass is that when it breaks,the glass fragments are held together by the interlayer which highly reduces the safety hazard.Besides the good safety laminated glass brings,it also has good sound insulation function.

Frosted glass 
is also called obscure glass,it can provide great privacy while allows sunlight enter the room.Frosted glass is used in bathroom
windows and doors mostly.


Here is the introduction of awning window applied in different places, so you can its application.
 For bedroom  For living room  For bathroom  For toilet
 For corridor  For office