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Windows & doors with flyscreen

Different flyscreen options can suit different needs,find out more about Echome screens.

Flyscreens are designed to cover the opening of a window to keep almost everything else out except fresh air.
The screen mesh usually is made of fiberglass,nylon or mental wire like stainless steel,
it can be classified based on different function.

♦ Awning window
♦ Casement window
♦ Sliding window
♦ Tilt & turn window
♦ Single-hung window
♦ Double-hung window
♦ Louvre window
♦ Bay window
♦ Bow window
♦ Garden window
♦ Skylight
♦ Folding window
♦ Fixed window

♦ Casement door
♦ All panel door
♦ Dutch door
♦ Bi fold door
♦ Double swing door
♦ Louver door
♦ Sliding door
♦ Folding door

♦ Aluminium
♦ Vinyl / Upvc
♦ Aluminium clad
♦ Solid wood

Mosquito screen

Mosquito screen often comes with fiberglass material,
it can keep insects and pets out.Such screen can be applied in any type of windows and doors.

Security screen

Stainless steel screen has burglarproof function,it cannot be cut or break easily.
With 304 stainless steel material,it can resist any weather condition.Besides stainless steel,
there is also aluminum grid mesh available,it is also anti-theft.And both are easy to remove the screen sash to do the cleaning.

Retractable screen

Retractable screens has same function as normal mosquito screen but comes with more advantages.Retractable screen can disappear when you don’t need it,it can be rolled over to its own frame to hide from seeing.Retractable screen can be used in any windows and doors design,especially it provides great solution for folding doors and french doors,with two screens meet in the center,it’s perfectly fully closed and can be pushed over to open the screen and hide it.